State Board of Education cites LCAP Infographic as Good Outreach Tool

In recent testimony before the California State Board of Education, Randall Putz, a Bear Valley Unified School Board Trustee, mentioned their LCAP Infographic as an example of a unique local solution created during their Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process. And the State Board of Education (SBE) took notice. During the discussion after the public hearing on July 10, 2014, State Board of Education President Dr. Michael Kirst specifically cited Bear Valley’s LCAP Infographic as a good tool to reach out to parents and the community.

“We had been invited by the California School Board Association to share our experience implementing the new Local Control and Accountability Plan. With over 1000 hours invested in the process, our Plan had received some recognition at the County level,” said Putz. “And I thought the State needed to hear how important it was that we maintain local control so our community can determine what is best for our students.”

The process of testifying before the State Board was intense. “I was number 46, and I had 1 minute to speak,” added Putz. “But clearly we made an impression.”

LCAP Testimony before the California State Board of Education

Watch key video excerpts here.

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