More Efficient, More Engagement: Introducing the LCAP Lite

You asked, and we listened. We are pleased to offer Gobo’s customized LCAP Infographic Lite option that summarizes the essence of a LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) into an efficient 2 page proprietary infographic format. As another result from the many conversations we have had with School Districts and County Offices of Education up and down the State, the LCAP Lite can stand alone and offer very efficient and very engaging insight into a Local Control Accountability Plan. It can also serve as an enticing gateway to Gobo’s more detailed (8-12 page) Complete LCAP Infographic, and/or the State’s standard text-based (50-400 page) LCAP document.

LCAP Lite Bear Valley USD 2015LCAP Lite Bear Valley USD 2015

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