Get better engagement with a better SPSA.

Good education begins with good engagement, and Gobo’s new Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) Infographic helps your schools effectively and efficiently communicate SPSAs to parents and other important stakeholders.

In the last 3 years, we’ve created hundreds of LCAP Infographics for School Districts and COEs across California, helping them better communicate their LCAP and better engage their stakeholders. Districts asked if we could apply this expertise to their SPSAs, and we responded with a proprietary process and SPSA Infographic that:

  • Provides faster, easier understanding – Synthesizes a lot of dry and complex information into something inviting, accessible, and comprehensible. No one really wants to read a 50 or 100 page SPSA book.
  • Drives more meaningful engagement – Clearly and transparently communicates education priorities, helping parents understand how their children are personally impacted.
  • Increases parent & community support – Promotes participation and encourages stakeholders to support schools and champion your students.
  • Relieves staff burden – Provides an easy cost-effective way to minimize staff time spent creating and sharing SPSAs.
  • Promotes Professionalism – Effectively communicates the critical business of educating our children, reflecting well on District/Site leadership and employees.

The SPSA Infographic is available now. Find out more (including how you can benefit from steep quantity discounts) or contact us with questions.

Gobo Student Stakeholder LCAP Infographic Sample

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