Animated LCAP Video

From the team that brought you the LCAP Infographic comes another tool for better stakeholder engagement. In an era where attention spans are shrinking at a rapid pace (from 5 minutes in 2008 to less than 8 seconds now), and stakeholders are bombarded with a constant stream of distractions (5000+ ads per person per day), it is critical to quickly capture and hold your audience’s attention. Gobo’s Animated LCAP Video does that and more, efficiently communicating critical LCAP content, and underlining your District’s good work. This tool is:

  • An easy, scaffolded approach to engagement that leads to greater comprehension with complimentary tools like the LCAP Infographic
  • Engineered to maximize attention and increase understanding through optimized length and proprietary design
  • Appealing to younger demographics, encourages viral sharing, and helps amplify and broaden District messaging and reach
  • Scientifically proven to fully activate the brain’s excitatory neurons using vivid visuals and pleasing sound that triggers positive emotions as well as visual and audio learning modes
  • Beneficial for a variety of uses: on websites, email, social media, front office monitors, and presentations
  • Another way to help satisfy ADA limited vision requirements with audible narration
  • Especially cost effective, professional animation that frees up staff time and reflects well on District leadership


Animated LCAP Video Pricing

2017-18 Features Animated LCAP
Gobo’s Animated LCAP Video proprietary motiongraphic design in .MP4 format
Custom animation, narration, & file optimization process
Automatic availability on Youtube & Vimeo for easy playing, linking, & embedding
Proof with 1 set of changes
Annual subscription license for unaltered and unlimited online viewing and showing
2 sets of additional data refreshes on the same-year subscribed LCAP
Language Translation of all content & narration into most any language, reviewed for context & accuracy by humans $2,495
Additional Closed Captioning with translation $995
Sets of additional changes beyond above that require new file generation and uploading $495+

*Animated LCAP Videos are based on, compliment, and require an existing LCAP Infographic. Please contact us for more info.