Frequently Asked Questions

Can we include our infographic in our LCAP? Where do we use this?
Yes. Per the California Department of Education, “LEAs may resize pages or attach additional pages as necessary to facilitate completion of the LCAP.” LEAs (Local Education Authorities) are encouraged to use this powerful communication tool on websites, in press releases, printed handouts, office posters, etc. Please let us know if you have come up with any other creative uses.

Can we adopt a customized version for all the schools in our District, County or State?
Yes! There are many advantages to establishing a clear and consistent way of reporting LCAP intentions and results using a format that fits your local needs. Please contact us to discuss customization options.

Why did you create this tool?
The company’s principal has a passion for improving public education and has served many years as a local California school board trustee. We believe education among the most important thing we do as humans. It is hoped this tool will, in its own small way, help continue to improve OUR public schools. Read more about the LCAP Infographic Story.

What makes your LCAP Infographics so special? Why don’t I make my own, or use someone else?
Our LCAP Infographic is the only one of its kind, having taken years to perfect, and constantly improving as we work with more Districts and COEs to expand our LCAP toolset. We are educators who understand California education and its LCAP, and we are dedicated to ultimately helping students and those who serve them. We of course encourage any effort to engage education stakeholders, but you may find that doing it yourself isn’t easy or an efficient use of education resources. We have already helped several Districts that have learned this the hard way. Read more about the Gobo Advantage.

How long does the LCAP Infographic take to produce?
Typically 3 weeks. Note that we ask clients to proof initial documents to confirm accuracy, so client proofing delays can affect delivery times. Lite and Translation versions take an additional 2 – 3 weeks to produce. If you have a special time constraint, please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate your requests. Read more about our special production process.

Why is there an annual subscription included in the packages?
Our annual subscription provides you with the license to legally use our products throughout the year. The subscription model is more cost effective and fiscally predictable for our clients. It also gives Gobo the support necessary to continue developing and delivering innovative tools.

What are the differences and advantages of the various LCAP Infographic options?
Responding to requests to make our original (or Full-length) Infographic even more efficient, we created the LCAP Lite. This low-cost package includes only the 2 page LCAP Infographic and offers an abbreviated synopsis that can fit some, but not all, LCAP outcomes and actions. The Lite version is intended to give stakeholders a quick and easy introduction to the LCAP. Alternatively, our Complete package includes the Full-length LCAP, which is an 8-12 page document that lists every goal, outcome & action in the LCAP. The Complete package also includes the abbreviated LCAP Lite, an additional poster-sized version of the LCAP Lite, and 2 “Data Refreshes” to use throughout the year. There are definitely benefits to both packages. The Lite can stand alone and offers very efficient and engaging insight into a LCAP. It can also serve as an enticing gateway to the more detailed Full version. The two documents work well together as one may be more suitable for one group over another. For instance, the Full LCAP Infographic may be more effective when meeting with your School Board, while the Lite may be more helpful for stakeholder groups. Posters are helpful in meetings or on office walls. Read more about features and packages, and see below for details on the Plan Summary version.

Am I allowed to pull the graphics from the document to use in other documents?
Only complete unmodified files we provide can be used. Our company has invested a large amount of time and money into our LCAP Infographic designs and accompanying icons. We need to protect that investment as well as the integrity and uniqueness of our designs, which is why our license agreement allows for the use of the LCAP Infographic as a whole, but not as individual parts. We do offer individual page files in JPEG format, useful for Powerpoint presentations, website previews, or sharing with the media. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to provide these files for you. If you have a specific use that you think might be helpful to other districts as well, we are always interested in exploring new product ideas and would welcome further conversation.

How does payment and billing work? Do you require a PO?
We do not require a PO to get started, just an order. Once you have submitted your order, we will send you an invoice and W-9 for your internal processing. Just let us know if we should send these documents to someone else. Payment is expected within 30 days and we will follow up with Accounts Payable if we have not received payment by the due date. Payment can be made by check or warrant, or online using credit cards via Paypal.

Why does the infographic cost what it does?
Because quality design, delivery, and service aren’t cheap. We understand that California education budgets are tight and come in all different shapes and sizes. (Trust us, we really do know – Gobo’s principal suffered as a School Board Trustee through the greatest defunding of California education since the Great Depression.) We have found, given the growing length and complexity of the LCAP, that it takes time, certain expertise, and special tools to effectively assist a District with its LCAP. And these things cost. As a private business we have to be self funded so that we can properly support our employees and provide a growing array of tools to remain competitive and relevant. But we are mindful of public funds and always seek to operate efficiently and hold costs down. Our Lite version of the LCAP Infographic is an example where we actually lowered the cost. Read more about the Gobo Advantage.

Is it cheaper if you have already done my LCAP before?
No, it is at least as much, if not more, work to produce a following year LCAP Infographic. It sounds counter-intuitive, but not only do we still have to go through the entire distillation process all over making sure we have not missed anything new or different, but then we have the extra step of comparing last year’s LCAP to the new LCAP to insure that we consistently handle any similar elements even if they are worded slightly differently.

I don’t see a product that fits my needs. Can you make a custom Infographic for me?
We are always open to new ideas and products. We would like to hear more about what you have in mind to determine whether the project is a good fit for us. Please contact us to discuss details.

What is the difference between the Plan Summary & LCAP Lite Infographic?
The Plan Summary Infographic contains specific required CDE elements, including: Story, Budget, LCAP Highlights, Performance Review and Increased/Improved Services. The Plan Summary Infographic provides interpretation and elements not contained within the full-length LCAP document, plus it can be included within the LCAP document to replace a text-based Plan Summary. The LCAP Lite Infographic does not contain any interpretive summary information and is intended to be an abbreviated but faithful representation of the full-length text-based LCAP that can stand alone. The Lite version is also available in a poster format, can be translated into other languages, and serves as a necessary element in the Animated LCAP Video.

Can I use this Plan Summary Infographic instead of the state template?
Yes. “An LEA may use an alternative format for the plan summary as long as it includes the information specified in each prompt and the budget summary table.” – Page 11 of the revised template. Ask us about County Offices of Education (COEs) that have confirmed Gobo’s Plan Summary Infographic meets requirements.

Can Gobo create a Plan Summary for me?
Yes, if you can provide us with a draft LCAP, we can produce the Plan Summary Infographic for you. Districts and COEs need to decide if they want their Plan Summary Infographic before or after LCAP approval, and we will help accommodate any deadlines.

If I have already written my Plan Summary can I still get this Infographic?
Yes. Regardless when you have your Plan Summary Infographic created, it will help better engage stakeholders.


What is the SPSA Infographic?
The SPSA or Single Plan for Student Achievement Infographic is a visual tool that helps clarify California SPSAs and effectively communicate individual school goals and progress to stakeholders. For more details visit the SPSA Infographic Overview page.

Can I buy SPSA Infographics for all of the schools in my district?
Absolutely, you will also qualify for a quantity discount! View the SPSA pricing table for more detials or contact Paris Trujillo at (888) 938-7779 x711 for a quote.

Can I buy SPSA Infographics for just my school?
Of course, if your district office is unable to support the SPSA infographic, schools are able to purchase them individually.

What is the turnaround time for a SPSA Infographic?
Approximately 2 weeks, this can vary based on our production schedule and whether or not multiple SPSAs are ordered at once.

Animated LCAP Video FAQs

Why did Gobo create the Animated LCAP Video?
We are always looking for new ways to support California school districts and help them share the good work they do. In the many conversations we have had with districts across the state, we saw another opportunity to make the LCAP easier to share, more accessible, and enticing, resulting in more and better stakeholder engagement. The Animated LCAP Video frees up district resources and helps districts reach their stakeholders in new ways.

How can I get started?
Start by filling out the order form. If you already have the Lite LCAP Infographic, we will get started on the video production right away. If you are a new customer, we will first need to begin the Lite LCAP Infographic, pricing for which can be found here. Once we receive your order we will set up a call to go over details.

Why do I need to purchase both the Infographic & the Video?
This separate Infographic is the foundation of the video. We must create it first in order to create the Video. Pricing is kept separate for clients who already have the appropriate Infographic.

What is the turnaround time?
The LCAP Video takes 3-4 weeks to produce. This production time is in addition to that required for any related Infographics and associated proofing.

Can I make changes to the LCAP Video template?
Due to the complex nature of the animation, modest content and narration changes can be made during the proofing process. More complex changes to the video structure and sequence may incur additional charges and impact turnaround time. Please contact us for details.

Can I easily access the LCAP Video online?
Yes, you and your stakeholders will be able to access the video via YouTube and Vimeo, making it easy to view during meetings and to link to in your social media engagement.

What is the difference between Closed Captioning & a Translation?
Closed Captioning includes the original video spoken in English, with subtitles in the language of your choice. Video Translation includes narration as well as on screen text.

If I get the video translated, do I have to pay separately for to have the Infographic translated?
Yes, the Video translation pricing covers the cost of translating content unique to the video, such as narration.

Proofing & Changes FAQs

Why do I have to proof the Infographic?
The proofing process is an essential step in delivering an accurate infographic. While we proof your Infographic documents multiple times internally, having “another set of eyes” review it helps make sure we have interpreted your message as you intended. Your proofing also serves as final approval of your infographic.

Where did you get the data used in the proof?
While almost all of the data we put in the Infographic is found in each District LCAP or School SPSA, the data in the District or School Story section is pulled from the most current CDE data available online. Clients often update these numbers with more accurate internal numbers during the proofing process.

What does a “sets of changes” mean?
A set of changes is made up of 3 steps: 1. We receive your changes to text or data content; 2. We make the revisions; and 3. We send a revised document. We include one free set of changes during the initial proofing of each product. To avoid additional change charges it is best for us to efficiently make any changes all at once. Depending on the subscription you purchased, you may also have additional data refreshes to the subscribed content available for no additional charge.

When would I be subject to a change charge?
When you have used up your one free set of changes or any additional data refreshes. We will alert you beforehand that we are making billable changes, and then will bill you separately.

How should I send my changes to you?
We suggest printing out the proof, handwriting your changes, scanning the revised document, and then emailing us a copy. This way we have a clear visual to reference that allows us to update your document quickly and accurately.

What happens after proofing?
Once we make any changes and get final approval, we then create and forward the final version. We then start production on other products you may have ordered (i.e. the LCAP Lite, Translations, etc.).

What are the “data refreshes” for?
We provide additional data refreshes in some subscriptions so that your Infographic remains easily up to date throughout the year. If there was data that was not available or out of date when you initially submitted your order, you can use a data refresh to change it. An example would be to a Fall data refresh to sync with the CDE Fall data release.

Can I submit next year’s LCAP or SPSA as a “set of changes” or “data refresh”?
Unfortunately not. Given that LCAP & SPSAs are fluid documents and can change significantly from year to year, each year’s document requires its own distillation, production, and revision process, and therefore a separate subscription. The work we have done on your Infographic is aligned with the original document you initially submitted with your order. Any changes are in relation to that original document.

Can I make changes to more than text & data content?
Maybe. Please keep in mind that our base infographic templates have been purposefully designed to frame the LCAP & SPSA in a stakeholder-friendly format, providing legislative context, along with your district’s overview, plan, and progress in a way that is clear and engaging. The LCAP template design has been carefully refined over several years using feedback from Districts and COEs from across California, and must meet certain design standards. With that said, we are always interested in your feedback on ways to improve our products, and customization is available in many cases for an additional fee.

Can we make our Infographic gender neutral?
Optionally, yes. Our base LCAP Infographic design relies on common human visual perceptions in order to effectively communicate certain concepts. By default we minimize, and/or balance, specific gender markers as is generally appropriate. However in specific instances that require increased gender neutrality, we can provide optional icons with reduced gender specificity. Contact us for examples and to discuss pricing options.

Translation FAQs

What languages can you translate my LCAP/SPSA Infographic into?
We have done many translations in several languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, and Korean. Samples can be found here. Need another language? We can probably do it. Just ask.

If my standard text-based LCAP is already translated, can you use that?
Unfortunately not. Because the LCAP Infographic is a summarized version with different wording, we must do a separate translation from the original Infographic to maintain accurate context.

When will I receive my translated LCAP/SPSA Infographic?
Once we have a finalized English version, we can then begin the translation process, which take approximately 2 weeks.

I’m surprised at the translation cost. Why do they seem so much?
Because translations are a surprising amount of work. We’ve developed a specialized infographic translation process that ensures an accurate and easily understandable Infographic in another language, and includes these time-consuming steps: First, we have professional translators who are real human beings (not Google!) translate our English version into the language of choice, paying special attention to our education context. Then we build a whole new adjusted LCAP Infographic, carefully resizing and reformatting text and graphic elements to fit in a visually pleasing manner. Since many languages use more characters than English, this can be challenging. There are also multiple reviews throughout this translation process.

What translations are offered in each package?
Enhanced packages have the option to add on a language translation for all the documents in that package. The Comprehensive package includes a translation of all documents in that package. If you do not want a language translation in your Comprehensive package contact us for a deduction.

Can I get my Plan Summary Translated?
It depends. Translations are not offered with the Basic package. It can be added to the Enhanced package, and is included in the Comprehensive package.

Need more clarification?

Feel free to contact our Client Advocate, Paris Trujillo, with any questions:
(888) 938-7779 x711