Better LCAPs with District Achievement Highlights

Since the beginning when we created the first Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Infographic, we have been committed to helping share the good work California schools do. Our new District Achievement Highlights continues that commitment, providing School Districts and COEs a clear and concise way to emphasize their key achievements with stakeholders.

As a page now included in our LCAP Infographic – Complete package, the District Achievement Highlights adds an important benefit to the LCAP Infographic and can even be used alone as a single handout when appropriate. This new feature helps solve a problem we have noticed reading and digesting close to 100 LCAPs: with LCAPs getting longer, a District’s achievements are buried in a lengthy text document that now typically exceeds 100 pages. The District Achievement Highlights brings key achievements front and center. Below is an example page:

LCAP District Achievement Highlights

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